November 16, 2012

Don't worry, he won't know...

For sure, everyone in this world has something to think and say about everything that exists and surrounds them---But not everything can be heard by others nor shared to others.

Sometimes, our thoughts and perceptions cannot be voiced-out. And I am wondering, why is it so?

Where do confidentiality and privacy came from? Was it Adam and Eve's fault why such existed?

Well, I just formulated those questions on my mind. But I am not sure why have I thought of that. I guess, I simply don't know the  reason. Nevertheless, on my mind,  I have questions and conclusions.

Recalling my elementary investigatory projects in science, I made an educated guess, which is also known as "hypothesis," (How intelligent I am to recall such scientific term, right?---Yes, I am being sarcastic since I don't know where this story is going).

Going back to my introduction, I am talking about the things which cannot be shared nor be heard by others, maybe, that's just the way it is in this world: for some reason, few things (or should I say, a lot) are meant to be confidential.

Confidential, in a way that it might harm the story teller, the person who heard the story, or other people involved in the story.

In connection with confidentiality and involvement of people, I have encountered this one person who happens to be an inevitable, for some reason.

At first, he was so good to us and the company we have. I/We should've realized his actions were "too go good to be true."

Time passed, and I (may our friends also) have witnessed as he trips on people (including me), specially when he knows you have no choice but to bear with him. AUTHORITATIVE!

Some people, hated this guy for his awful behavior and intolerable acts.

And so, it resulted people to talk behind him. They started to talk bad, also, they have observed his sudden transformation to being an ass.

We just found out he was a chameleon in camouflage. If that's the game he is playing, people must see his true colors and know how to play and break his rules.

"It takes one to know one," but aside from that, I think that it also requires time to know

I guess, some things are not meant to be said. Words, especially secrets, are very powerful things that has the ability to make or break anybody.

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