November 21, 2012

A Point of View: That Every Thing Matters

Two years ago, I am not the type of person who wants to write.  It's not that I dislike it, it's just that, I am not into writing that much.

Back then, if I would be writing about such thing under the sun, I may say it would be more about scripts and concepts for our TV and Radio (production/non-production) class and 'tag lines' for my Advertising subjects as well.

Until irony hits me and came to a time that I suddenly became part of the field that I am not interested about--writing; I never thought of myself embracing this line of work as my first job after college.

Recalling our News and Feature Writing subject (a.k.a 'Course'), I may say, "I am not taking things about it seriously." Particularly, whenever we are tasked to look for a specific news genre by our Professor.

I'm just like talking to myself, saying: "this is not what I've dreamed of nor my soon-to-be job." Especially when it comes to looking for and identifying a 'special report' story—back then, I really knew nothing about it. REALLY!

Well... I was WRONG.

Who would've thought that I'd be placed into writing?

Frankly speaking, I lack self-esteem and trust towards myself, nor complacent that I could really learn how to write--formally or the so-called 'journalistic form of writing'.

But now, I've been given the opportunity to explore and discuss various and different types of stories (such as news and/or feature; specifically, those 'Special Reports' which I didn't gave importance, chance, and focus for me to comprehend.

I've come to finally realize that, every thing in this world should be given enough time to be understood, discovered, realized and learned--Every one deserves it, and every things as well.

That is one primary reason for us, people, to gain and appreciate such matter in this world, whether they breath or not, tangible or not. Every single thing is important. That is why the word "thing" is also called "matter", because it matters.

On our daily existence, whoever/whatever/whichever comes our way, still: let us all move forward towards meeting new people, strive hard to gain new knowledge, and be well prepared for a new exciting experience.

People might say, 'not all things that we encounter in our lives will be useful.' But I'm pretty sure, at one point in our lives, it will be, someday.

Magaling ang propesor ko sa News and Feature Writing noon, wala siyang pagku-kulang. Siguro, talagang hindi ko lang inakala na ito ang magiging trabaho ko ngayon.

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